About me

Public Relations

My name is Talal Mulla Ali and I graduated from an American University in the United States, with an emphasis in public relations. This major requires a high level of English proficiency. Upon first arriving in the United States, I took an intensive English course at the University of Arkansas. This class gave me the opportunity to develop my English comprehension skills. In addition, reading English newspapers, magazines, blogs, and books substantially increased my knowledge about current events. Subsequently, I began to compose my writing, always taking into account the reader’s perspective.

Since the age of 15, I dreamed of becoming a journalist as I became exposed to English newspapers and international news telecasts. As a result of this exposure, I felt that I should begin to challenge myself by studying journalism and public relations.

In 2010, I achieved one of my dreams by publishing some of my articles on a variety of topics in my home country of Kuwait. The articles are written from the perspective of a Kuwaiti ex-patriot who is studying abroad. People have told me that my articles provided guidance for other potential Kuwaiti exchange students. My personal experience living and studying in the United States has given me insight as to some of the common challenges that all exchange students face. It has been satisfying to get positive feedback from other Kuwaiti international students.

My experience in the United States has only increased my journalistic ambitions while proving to myself that life’s possibilities are unlimited through hard work. In the near future, I intend to expand my articles into a book about my international life experiences here in the United States.


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