Tally’s in Black&White


A picture of me in Black&White. I am really into photography and I consider myself  amateur photographer, and I would love to become a professional photographer someday and it will happen!!



Electronics: Significant Part of my Daily Life

We may not realize nor acknowledge the importance of electronics, but in fact electronics influence our lives in a positive way, which make the world a better place to enjoy. Personally, I can’t imagine living without them, as my life is surrounded by electronics every day. To some, electronics might not be beneficiary or efficient, but to others like me, they have become our needs and they continually improve our lives dramatically.

In the morning, I wake up at the sound of my alarm clock. Sometimes it’s hard to get up easily, and thankfully, my alarm clock snoozes every five minutes. I then brush my teeth using my electronic toothbrush, which provides me a dentist-like cleaning. As I’m getting ready to start my day, I never forget to charge my phone. To prepare breakfast, I use the microwave to heat up my food, especially when I’m on the go. While eating breakfast, I tend to listen to the radio for some news. Right before I leave the house, I make sure to turn off the central air conditioner. To get to my car, I use the remote control of the garage door opener. If I wanted to take a shortcut, I’d rely on my GPS to get me there. While I’m in the car, I like to listen to music on my Ipod, if not I just turn on the stereo. To make some calls, I use my phone headset, which allows me to keep my hands on the wheel. Otherwise, I’m on my cell phone during the day to keep in touch with close ones, either by sending text messages or by making calls. Another thing I carry around with me wherever I go is my laptop, which lets me browse the internet, communicate via email, instant messaging, and so on. Moreover, I utilize my laptop for voice chats using my microphone and it saves me a lot of money when wanting to communicate with my family back home. I also use my webcam in order for them to see me live. To keep track of my daily schedule and appointments, I utilize my personal organizer which helps me to not miss out on any important dates. Once I get home, I like to relax on my couch and watch TV, and when I’m with a group of friends, we enjoy putting on a DVD for a few hours. To kill time, I usually play video games on my PS3 or just online games on my desktop computer. At the end of the day, I get myself ready to go to bed and I turn off the lights.

As you can see, it’s hard for me to not have my electronics on a daily basis. Without my alarm clock, I’d be still in bed and late, whether it was for University, a job interview, meeting, etc. Without my cell phone, it would be hard to communicate with friends and family. Without the radio, I wouldn’t know what is going on in the world. Without my central air conditioner in the summer, let’s just say I wouldn’t get any sleep. Without my GPS, I’d be lost and wouldn’t know which road to take. Without my laptop, I wouldn’t be able to get on with my day. Without my personal organizer, I’d miss out on my essential plans. Without TV and my PS3, I would have nothing to do at home. Having said that, my whole life depends on the use of electronics and they are a significant part of my daily life.

Written by Talal Mulla Ali  in 2009.